rick_jackson (rick_jackson) wrote,

In my true heart of heart

I really don't like "the homeless". I'm not a "blame the victim conservative" or a heartless monster. I simply believe that being a part of any society (by birth or choice) requires adherence to the rules. Conversely there are penalties for infractions and violations of the social contract. As far as empathy goes I have been without a residence or means to provide a roof over my head. For me, this was always a temporary setback, not a viable lifestyle. If you fall off the horse... What I would love to see is giant dystopian warehouses for the homeless. 3 hots and a cot when you check in, and clean, safe ( not comfortable ) dormitories. However when you do check in it must be under the condition that you are not being a bum in the street. If your habit is so bad that you have to beg EVERYONE you meet for "a quarter" detox in jail. Singles by gender, a bright and engaging daycare, and family pods. All of these would be about turn over. You stay here for up to 2 months to land a job and get that first check, on the way out- here's some food for your pantry. What I DO NOT like- PRIME REAL ESTATE where everyone who can play by the rules being given over to those who can't / won't. I hate not being able to walk down the streets where I work and pay taxes without being constantly and relentlessly mooched from. I hate that my friends and neighbors fear for their very safety because of overly pushy and downright predatory vagrants. Give a man safety net when he falls- yes. Be guilted and harrassed by those contributing nothing (and taking much) away from the community- fuck no! I can already hear the reactions and disapproval by those I don't agree with (but respect) on this issue. I've never claimed not to be a closet fascist, but what I want is a VIABLE solution that benefits the MOST people. I want a compromise between thewell-meaning advocates and the rest of us who have to live in this city with the homeless and other poor. A few million should not be held hostage by a few thousand, that's just bad math and policy.
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